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Higher Jackpot for Michigan Charity Bingo Games

Anticipation gripped the people inside of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church as about the 150 people sitting on the tables are having a hunch that a "bingo" is now coming up soon.

People check up and down the columns of other people playing and the hands with the dotted squares, sporting paint dubbers as the bingo caller announce B5 and then N37.

After the N37, the much anticipated "Bingo!" came from the very corners of the room. Disappointed groans and excited chatters from the other players filled up the room as this was announced.

According to bingo co-chairwoman Sandy Scott, the Bingo prizes at this Southwest Side Hall ranges from $10 dollars in a single line row up to a big $400 dollars jackpot if every number in the bingo card is covered. The church closes on Wednesdays and gives out the $2,000 dollars that is allowed by the rules. Revenues from this games help the Sacred Heart Parish and its equivalent school.

Michigan Lawmakers, in particular Sen. Jim Barcia of D-Bay City are putting the final touches snd revision on the legislation that would allow charitable organizations to offer a much higher bingo jackpots in order to compete with more bigger competitors like casinos and continue anhd sustain these efforts made by local non-profit groups. The law will be signed this summer by Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

The law, which have been sponsored by state Senator Jim Barcia would allow organizations to increase their prizes from $500 dollars to $2,000 dollars for a single game and event game. to a $1,000 dollars to $3,500 dollars for a single and event game. Bingo operators could also now operate 14 games a week from the previous 10 that the old law allows.

Sen. Jim Barcia said that Casinos and Keno games have been competing with the non-profit bingo games causing the bingo gaming industry an added pressure besides many other things. An evidence of this effect is that in 1990's, the bingo industry use to haul in a $44 million dollars in revenues and right now, it was reduced to a merely $8 million dollars. The last time that the prize range for bingo was raised was back in 1973. But at Sacred Heart Parish, players proved that money is not the only thing that attracts them to join these bingo games as most of the regular players who walk down the rows of tables are friends and know each other.